Covers & Rollers

If you are wondering how to reduce effort, time and money keeping your pool clean and warm then a solar cover is probably the most cost effective solution. Our solar covers are of great quality and are manufactured to last well in our harsh NZ sun.  Unlike many of the cheaper versions ours are made in the USA.

Read about how a solar cover works and how to measure your pool for ordering your solar cover.

To lengthen the life of your cover and to make it more simple to use, a roller is a must. We recommend the Rocky's Eazy Roller.  It is portable, sturdy, has an excellent 10 year warranty and it's "eazy" to use.  However if you need an entry level option the Odyssey Reel System - EMX is a great alternative for small to medium sized pools.  These rollers have a 3 year manufacturers warranty and last for years and years!

While we have a list of available covers & rollers here, if you have a specific need that doesn't fit our shop options, please get in touch!




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