Fitness & Leisure

See our inflatables and tethers for fun and exercise!

Inflatables - NZ made - commercial grade! Invest in quality!

Add instant fun to your pool or waterfront location with aquatic toys and games.  These are made to commercial standard so last and last.

We offer a range of inflatable toys, proven to attract, entertain and challenge users! The best part? Most of this range can take as little as five minutes from storage to play, and many are safe for use in shallower water depths.

With all products designed and manufactured in the same location (sunny Nelson, New Zealand!) you know that you are always going to receive a high quality product. Don't risk substandard manufacturing or copycat products.


Swim Tether™ builds strength, burns calories and offers all the benefits of lap swimming but in 1/2 the time! Resistance swimming for just minutes a day provides a low-impact exercise to achieve a dynamic cardio workout for your entire body!

Whether it's time to lose those few extra pounds, drop a second or two at your next meet, improve your triathlon swim split or even rehabilitate an injured knee, Swim Tether is the tool you need to achieve your goal.



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