Pump - Submersible, 550W Ecosub

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We have two types of Domestic Submersible Pumps

  • Clean Water (up to 5mm particles) - Great for cleaning spas and pools down to 5mm.
  • Dirty Water (up to 35mm particles) - Great for draining ponds, water features, dirty pools. 

Can connect to your standard garden hose, or with a bit of ingenuity your swimming pool vacuum hose.

Can also be used for draining a flooded laundry, bathroom, basement or garage.

  1. 550W induction motor provides powerful suction, quiet operation and long life durability.
  2. 10,000 litres/hour maximum flow (dirty water pump), 11,000 litres/hour maximum flow rate (clean water pump). High efficiency when transferring and cleaning water.
  3. Adjustable water outlet compatible with 25/32mm tubing and 25/32mm threading.
  4. Integrated float switch automatically turns off pump once minimum water level is reached.
  5. Integrated carry handle allows easy transport to the work area.
  6. Thermal overload protection protects internal components by automatically shutting off the motor in the event of overheating.
  7. 10m power cord keeps power connection well away from water.
  8. Manual/Automatic switch controls float switch modes.


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