Sand Filter - Fibreglass - Micro Glass Media

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Top Quality Fibre glass Wound Filter Tank (built to commercial standards) comes with 40mm Top Mount Multi Port Valve.

Filtermaster High Rate Sand Filters require little ongoing maintenance as compared to other types of filters allowing you more time to enjoy swimming in your pool rather than looking after it.

Filtermaster Sand Filters are manufactured with high grade fibreglass and resins utilising the quality and superior strength for long life and durability.

Filtermaster Sand Filters feature improved water circulation through a balanced layout of lateral nozzles positioned internally at the base of the filter tank.  This enables water to be distributed evenly throughout the entire filter bed trapping debris and contaminants before pure fresh water returns via the multiport valve to the pool.

We only sell glass filter media with our products as it is a superior product.  With glass filter media filtering performance is increased and replacement frequency is reduced, all the while using a recycled product.


Filters Supplied with Filtermaster Micro Glass Media
F16 = 2 x fine grade 
F18 = 3 x fine grade
F21 = 4 x fine grade
F25 = 7 x fine grade


Features and Advantages
  • Heavy Duty UV protected fibreglass tank
  • Ergonomically designed six position multiport valve
  • High performance filtering action
  • Resistant to chemicals and corrosion
  • Suitable for all pool types, fresh or salt water
  • Sight glass for inspection of filtered water
  • Quality pressure gauge for inspection of operating pressure
  • Virtually maintenance free, simply backwash filter when required
  • No additional powder additives to worry about
  • No manual cleaning of internal cartridges experienced with other filter medium
  • Using recycled glass as your filter media you reduce your carbon footprint and frequency of replacing media while increasing the performance of your filter.
  • 5 year warranty
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