There's no question that swimming pools are a luxury!  

We are always looking for ways to reduce the impact that we as a business have on our environment by recycling packaging and offcuts, scrap metal, returning food packaging in our staffroom to the supermarket using the soft plastic recycling programme.  


We often repurpose broken pool filters into cool plant pots by cutting them into whatever shape we think works best with the filter and then drilling a few holes in the bottom to let out excess water.

We use recycled glass (Pool Crystal) as our filter media.  It's a 100% recycled product and performs better than the traditional filter sand options.

Another cool recycling programme we have come across is Terracycle.  They have lots of options that can be adopted by your group.

While after recycling we don't have a lot of waste ourselves, we would love to find somewhere to recommend recycling the solar (bubble) covers to our customers.  

Pool solar covers are Related image recycling code.  We use any new offcuts as packaging or samples but we are aware that a lot of plastic ends up in the landfill at the end of the life of a pool cover.  Please let us know your great ideas.  We can add these to our page.  

We have 20kg woven plastic salt bags which have found a new home at Stitch-O-Mat and Jerry & George but if you are in the Christchurch area and would like some for pinecones/horse poo etc and can pick them up periodically please contact us via our contact page.  



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