Measuring For A Solar Cover

Measuring your pool is simply a matter of measuring the maximum width and length at the water level of your pool’s widest points – if you have a freeform or shaped pool, just imagine a rectangle around it, and use that as a guide. So measure the pool from edge to edge, at the widest points, treating any shaped pools as a rectangle.  Your cover will be supplied as a rectangle, which you simply lay over the surface of your pool and then trim to the required shape with a pair of sharp household scissors.

See illustration below.

If you have any steps remember to make the rectangle large enough to take these into account.

Our prices are calculated by multiplying the width by the length.  The price is shown as you select the width and length you require.

If we don’t have your exact pool size listed, select the next size size up. So if your pool is 3.4m wide and 6.9m long, you should order the 3.66m x 7.0m pool blanket.


When the cover arrives

The solar pool cover is installed on the pool with the bubbles facing down and the smooth side up. To ensure proper fitting, the cover should be left floating in the pool for 2 to 4 days to remove the packaging creases before trimming commences. Exercise caution when cutting your solar cover to fit around curves and angles of your pool; scissors or other cutting devices may damage pool liners. The solar cover can be cut easily with household scissors to fit the angles and curves of the pool walls. If you are not confident in getting it right, before cutting the cover make an outline of your pools shape with a marker on your solar cover. You can then remove the cover from the pool after making the outline and begin trimming. It is better to cut the cover larger than necessary, then give it a final trimming for an exact fit after a day or two. With the bubble side facing down, your solar pool cover should float in place on the water through wind and heavy rains.




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