Deluxe Trichlor/Chlorine Dispenser

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These dispensers float on the surface of your pool. Pop in a couple of slow release chlorine tablets and as they bob about the chlorine is slowly dispersed into the pool. Chlorine is being added all the time. If you are away from home or forget to check the pool for a few days, they are still at work, meaning your pool doesn't turn green.

You can moderate the chlorine output by either opening or closing the slide shutter around the base.

These dispensers are quality New Zealand made, work really well, and will outlast the lightweight Chinese ones.

You can use this type of dispenser on small pop up pools or on full sized permanent pools up to about 40,000ltrs. Adjust the amount of chlorine in the dispenser depending on your requirements. They will take either the small or large chlorine tablets commonly available from pool shops, Bunnings, Mitre 10 or The Warehouse. 

We do not currently sell the tablets for these dispensers. 


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