Sand Filter - Bakerlite Hi Flow - Micro Glass Media

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Tanks moulded from Hi Density "Bakerlite" giving superior strength for high pressure installations

Features and Advantages

  • Compact and heavy duty
  • Made of high density Bakerlite
  • Designed to suit most domestic swimming pools or spa pools
  • Clamp lock is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation.
  • Easy to use multi-port valve with simple to use lever action
  • 5 Year Warranty
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    We only sell glass filter media with our products as it is a superior product.  With glass filter media filtering performance is increased and replacement frequency is reduced, all the while using a recycled product.


    Filters Supplied with Filtermaster Micro Glass Media

    FMB18 = 2 x fine grade 
    FMB20 = 1 x course/3 x fine grade
    FMB24 = 1 x course/5 x fine grade
    FMB28 = 1 x course/7 x fine grade


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