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The ideal swimming pool or spa filtration medium

We only sell glass filter media with our products as it is a superior product.  With glass filter media filtering performance is increased and replacement frequency is reduced, all the while using a recycled product.

Using a filter equipped with PoolCrystal provides cleaner water more efficiently when compared to traditional sand filtration. The engineered sand captures impurities in the water thanks to its superb compaction properties.

Regular maintenance is made easier as less water is required to back-wash than conventional sand filtration mediums. The two ranges of Fine and Course provide the flexibility to effectively filter a pool no matter how large or small. PoolCrystal is equally suited to a small backyard pool up to a large aquatic centre.

Safe to handle and made from 100% recycled glass it saves natural resources from being used.



PoolCrystal is the filter medium of choice for New Zealand's leading swimming pool suppliers. Its consistent quality means it offers a strong performance with less maintenance when compared with conventional sand filtration.

Being free from silt and clay deposits, a filter with PoolCrystal will not clog as quickly. Additionally, the highly engineered sand has been developed to interlock effectively to trap contamination from pool water.

The two grades available mean there is an effective solution regardless of the size of your pool. Even better, it's made in Christchurch, New Zealand supporting our economy.


If you are unsure about how many bags you require for your size filter or which grade, please get in contact.  We will need to know the make, model and diameter of your sand filter to be able to assist you.


Note: PoolCrystal is a heavy item and shipping costs can be prohibitive.  For multiple bags, it may be more cost effective to send this by freight rather than courier. 

This item is excluded from free shipping over $100 except when purchased with a cover or a roller.


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