Vacuum Head - Fairlocks (and parts)

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Fairlocks Vacuum Head

Perfect for commercial, school, public and domestic pools alike.  Professional pool cleaners love this product as it significantly reduces the time and effort involved in vacuuming a swimming pool.

Probably the most efficient and robust manual pool cleaning system on the market the “big yellow one” has been a top seller in Europe for over 30 years. Ideal for both domestic and commercial swimming pools.

The clever streamlined design and centralised weight over the brushes makes it perfectly practical for use in any pool finish be it concrete, plaster, tiles, fibreglass or liner. An adaptor is included to make it compatible with either 38mm or 50mm hose fittings.

Spare parts are available and as the system gives many years of efficient problem free operation it’s the only choice for manual pool cleaning. 


"This product has made a huge difference to our operation. The number of pools we can get through in a day, the quality of the vacuum finish and the adaptability to all pool surfaces makes this the most valuable piece of equipment in our pool cleaning tool kit." - Christchurch Pool Cleaning Limited


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